Friday, August 1, 2014

it's so cold ...

Well for Adelaide it is cold. 13 or 14 degrees here with an icy wind blowing, but possible snow was forecast for Mt lofty - not sure if it happened.
I am working on my Indian embroidery and also machine quilting a quilt - a nice thing to be doing in this weather. I'm about half way, but can't quite decide what to do in between the lattice I've done so far. There is no rush for it so I guess I will wait on some inspiration and continue embroidering.

I've just been reading about Michele Hill's UK William Morris tour - all warmth and sunshine, lovely stately homes, cottages and gardens full of flowers.    It would be nice to be there... Instead I recently went to Sydney for a couple of days with Rachel. We took in some sights and shows, a great (waist enhancing) chocolate tour and did a lot of walking in lovely sunshine, though it was definitely overcoat weather.
These friendly (and slightly crazy) parrots entrtained us during lunch at the Art Gallery.

Took no photos of quilts at the Quilt Exhibition - just these tiles in one of the arcades.

The Centrpoint Tower certainly is hard to miss...


... and the harbour was beautiful as ever.

Back at home I snapped these kangaroos feeding. You would think it is out in the bush somewhere, but it is the green belt between where we live and Noarlunga Centre - a space which will be covered
with housing before too long.

There aren't too many flowers in the garden at the moment - a few violets and snowdrops and one spray of orchids. It is really quite beautiful but it has a very strong and awful scent - it has to be admired on the patio, not inside!

There is colour to be found in the foliage.

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