Monday, September 8, 2014

mastering mirrors

In between quilting lately I have finished the embroidery piece we were given at the workshop in Bhuj in India. I can't say I have really mastered the mirrors - I managed to vary my technique as I went along so they aren't very even. I did get extra practice as I added another four to fill the background.
I found the larger ones easier to do than smaller ones and I am in awe of the maker of this little sample I bought which is only about 25 cm long and all mirrors.
Oops - uploaded a picyure of it but can't find it. When I do I will add it.

Our prunus tree has been a picture over the last couple of weeks, and I did get a couple of nice photos. I particularly like this one with the bee -

The blossoms are blowing away in the strong winds today but the white ones on the Manchurian pear are just coming out.

I spotted a new species of flower in our neighbouhood on the weekend. I've called them vandal flowers - they only open at night!
 Amusing to see but a little worrying as to the safety around the hazard the cones were removed from.

Spent 2 days last week at The Sanctuary, Judy Simcock's lovely quilt / craft retreat cottage at Bordertown. (See what's happening there at I wasn't stitching, but learning about quilt valuation. I snapped these as I went for a walk -

Sorting things in our little garden/feed shed the other day I disturbed a small blue tong lizard. That reminded me of this larger one I saw unexpectedly at Strathalbyn recently.

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