Tuesday, October 14, 2014

You won't have time when you are retired

That is what many folk said to me, and it is seeming to be true. It is already 5 (!) weeks since the last post.
I've dyed some fabric with friends Gina and Mary, and we plan to have some fun experimenting and adding layers to them - over-dyeing, printing, bleaching etc to make them more interesting. I dyed a few more at home, hoping for some sun prints, but of course that brought on some rain.

There've been lots of quilt exhibitions lately. Went to the Royal Adelaide Show and the Machine Quilters Festival in the city. It is great they have put in a station at the showground. As a child we mostly went to the Show by train, but the station was only opened for the event. In more recent years they didn't use it at all, but it sure beats the hassle (and cost) of parking.  Lots of lovely and amazing quilts at both of those. Congratulations to the winners and indeed all who exhibited. I didn't have work in either., but I put a few things in our Fleurieu Quilters exhibition last weekend at the Victor Harbor Winery - a lovely venue and display. The weather wasn't the best, with gale force winds on Monday preventing anything being displayed outside or on the verandah.

I have been stitching. I am finishing off a work to be exhibited at the next Save Our Gulf Coalition exhibition  at the arts centre, Port Noarlunga in November. These are part of it - my swallow tail and rock lobster.

Amazingly I won't be stitching it the night before! It is nearly the 'last minute', however, to be putting a sleeve on the quilt I am entering in our Guild exhibition, which is due to be delivered in a week. I finished quilting that one a few weeks ago.

I have started work on my scrapbook, collecting and organising documents and bits and pieces, and recording memories to go between the textile pages (which you can see on this blog). It is slow going gathering everything up and organising the pages, but it's a wonderful journey down memory lane. About 15 years covered - just 50 to go!

The garden has been calling too, and we now have some new herbs and vegetables in. My rose pruning must have been alright, because the front garden looks a delight at the moment. However, 

I usually get a good first flush of roses, but then not much to follow. We will see what happens this year. In the shade house, a begonia is a mass of flowers too -
I think that says something about the season.
So, with visitors from Queensland, monthly book club, a fabulous talk by Michele Hill  (williammorrisandmichele.blogspot.com/ )  about her recent tour for Fleurieu Quilters, and now sorting out for a gargage sale next week (joining in the Australia wide Garage Sale Trail - https://www.garagesaletrail.com.au/  ) that is where 5 weeks go!

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