Saturday, October 18, 2014

another post already...

I was busy yesterday, so thought I would show the results. I made a few postcards (some below) to add to the ones I have, and I will see if I sell any at our garage sale.
 Pretty pink
Bright beauties 2

Coincidental to me changing the pattern pic the other day, since then, whilst doing my daily timeout in the garden, I repotted a hanging basket and disturbed this little fellow. He is only 6-7cm long so I have no idea how he could have been living there as it would have been a long jump to anywhere else. Here he is making his (or her) get away from the bromeliad I put him on,

carrying some debris from the pot. We've lots of huge tadpoles in the fishpond at the moment, but the frogs that live there are much bigger. It is a delight some evenings to hear several frogs in an answering chorus, coming from the pond, the garden and the storm water drain.

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