Tuesday, October 28, 2014

tidying up the pages

I have spent some time over the last few days updating my pages. I found recently that all the pictures had disappeared. I guess it was when changes were made to make creating pages easier. Updating them was on my 'to do' list anyway, so it was has ensured that I did something about it.
The gallery page is temporary. I need to do more, but finding the scans for some of the pre-digital photos is not so simple because there have been a couple of computer upgrades along the way. Organising and tagging photographs is another item on the 'to do' list!

Had a great day for the garage sale though the profits were small. It was rather like a quilt show - a long time getting it together, but only minutes to dismatle it.
I can't do a page without a picture, so ... 2 more postcards.
I enjoy making them, and am thinking of selling them on line.

And lastly, I found this photo while looking for quilts. It was taken through the windscreen of a vehicle in front of us near Widdicombe in the UK, some years ago It made us smile then and still does ...

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