Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Don't catch us out!

That is the name of my entry in the sand, sea and obscenity exhibition which opened yesterday at the arts centre, Port Noarlunga.  I went today to have a look, and of course to see how my entry fitted in. I posted 2 of the postcards recently, but this is the full piece - 
which (I think) looks quite good. I got some encouraging comments while I was there.
The exhibition is well worth a look. Works are in a variety of media - art, glass, sculpture, jewellery etc and my textile piece - all interesting and/or beautiful and/or thought provoking. The theme  is "interpreting the beauty of / exploring the environmental threats to / the gulfs and ocean / south australia".

These are the other postcards - they're all of marine species found around our coast which are subject to bag limits. They're connected by fishing line fittings, and hanging from a telescopic rod.
Gummy shark
Sand crab
Blue Crab
 Western Blue groper
 Giant Crab 
 The ones I posted previously were the Swallow Tail and Rock Lobster
The exhibition is open until 7 December.

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