Friday, January 23, 2015

the days are flying by - like the TDU cyclists

I'm not stitching much at the moment. I have been doing a little cleaning up (de-cluttering) and there is too much good sport to watch. I'm hardly a sports fanatic, but January is our best time to see a bit of tennis with the Australian Open and preceding tournaments in each state. Then there is the cycling Tour Down Under here in Adelaide this week, and in addition the Asian Cup Soccer series is here in Australia this year. There is of course cricket too, but I've only been looking at tennis and soccer - some great matches and amazing play, with some good Aussie performances too. It looks like we have some new stars in the making.

I went to Goolwa last week for a day organised by Fleurieu Quilters. A coffee and chat at Signal Point looking out at the wharf and bridge to Hindmarsh Island-

and then we viewed the wall hangings depicting one of the early paddle steamers and local scenes and fauna etc. in the medical centre. Next we visitied the local museum to see the 150 year old quilt believed to have been pieced on the voyage to Australia by Emily Augusta Hutchinson in 1852.
You can see it here
Many different fabrics in it and the colours are still quite vibrant. It is quite amazing considering the conditions it would have been made under. After that, a little retail therapy at the lovely, local patchwork shop Cotton Pins and Crafty Things. A great day. Thanks to Vera for organising it.

I spent another day printing on some fabric I dyed recently.  It is still a bit 'flat' and needs further stamping or embellishment, but that may come at the time of use. Haven't photographed any of it as yet, so here is a picture of a greeting card I made a while back using some workshop free form leaf samples

The garden is taking a bit of my time too. It is looking good and giving us a few zucchinis, and the tomatoes are just starting. The gala apples are ready to pick - and so far the birds have left them alone. Have some pumpkins in and they are growing madly but not setting many. We don't seem to have many bees, so have been pollinating the flowers whenever we can. Here is a zucchini flower -

and a pumkin flowers (both male flowers)

We've got bees in the front garden - just need to entice them to the back!

It didn't find a buyer but I did get a lot of favourable comments about my piece in the exhibition (in the last post).

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