Monday, August 15, 2016

sharing a few memories

Other priorities have taken the place of stitching lately, but a talk by Julie Haddrick    about her passion for Japan and Japanese textiles at our recent Guild meeting got me thinking about my 2 trips there. I loved it both times, and went back to look at my photographs to recall some of the experiences. The trips were both before I started this blog, so I thought I would share a few.
We travelled to the northern island of Hokkaido. This is the traditional work of the Ainu people

Hand applique and the line is chain stitch
This jacket was at the Ice Museum in Asahikawa - a fascinating place. The International Weaving and Textile Museum nearby had wonderful examples of Asian embroideries, and kantha, Shibori work and weaving, but unfortunately they could not be photographed.
Then we visited the Shiroai Museum of the Ainu people.

 Love this little stool cum chair (I think my knees would prefer one!)

 Fine embroideries in one of the model houses
 and one of the figures in the Museum
 This quilt I spotted laying over goods as the Hakodate market was closing. It looks quite American, so I can't help wondering about its history.
One can see fine fabrics, fine detail and pattern, kimonos a plenty. Here are just a few shots
 In a shop window, not so traditional but exquisite, and below on a market satll

Look down as you are walking and you see wonderful patterns on all the manhole covers, or maybe tiles like these...

Loved this in a garden at Shiraoi

and the patterning of this cricket on the bark of a tree.
My only disappointment is to have been twice and not yet seen Mt Fuji. We tried to, both times, but it was shrouded in fog. The perfect excuse for another trip?

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