Monday, June 13, 2016

It seems a  month has gone by since I wrote anything...  It has been daily getting colder and we've had some good rain, but there have been some nice sunny spells too. I've been stitching - a quilt for charity from donated bits of Japanes fabric and the lattice from a typical narrow length I bought at an op-shop in Tokyo some years back. I'm quite proud of my invisible joins to the top and bottom lattice - 3 in each because of the narrow fabric. Now to piece together a back. Think I'll use the rest of the lattice fabric.
Woops. Forgot to crop it and take my foot out. At least it is colour coordinated!

I visited Threads group at Yankalilla recently (thanks girls) where they were making postcards. I started these there, using odds and ends. Not having taken my machine I brought them home to stitch and finish.

The butterfly is from a paper serviette. Hadn't tried that technique before.

I'm also trying to do some practice for my drawing lessons. Have managed a few reasonable pieces

The mandarine here is from our tree. It has quite a few on it and they are just coming to picking stage. The tree looks quite splendid with the bright orange globes in the shiney green foliage, in an otherwise dull, winter garden. It is in the front garden and I am a little anxious that some might 'walk'. The passion fruit too is from our vine. Have had quite a few lately, all windfalls. This one I found in a nearby native hibiscus, presumably blown in,

and several have been the size of an orange. I used 2 in a muffin recipe which said you would need 6 - should have taken a photo of them.

I recently posted a photo of a lost shoe. Well here is another, more puzzling. These have been lying in the gutter just a couple of houses away, for a some days now. They are both good quality, though I guess not much good now.

Now the long weekend is nearly over. I have been enjoying listening to the count down of  the ABC Classic 100 Voice off and on. Most enjoyable, with fabulous bird photos for each piece on line at
They are playing number 4 at the moment. Wonder what the top 3 will be?

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