Sunday, May 15, 2016

a few things finished...

Well it feels like it, but it is not quite true. An unfinished piece, an orphan block and workshop samples have gone from the 'to do' pile, but they have been joined and embellished to make this  one item, a folder cover for part 3 of my scrapbook.

 A bit scrappy on the back, but fitting for a 'scrap' book.

I finished the book (except that every now and then I find something that got left out!) a few months ago but didn't make the third cover at the time. Looking over it as I put the cover on I am reminded how it is a fascinating and interesting record, not just for my story, but for the indication of trends, and life style changes over the years. We're aware of clothing and vehicles changes, but many other things like invitations, programs, certificates, badges etc (yes I'm a hoarder) show changes in societal attitudes and technology. A selection of community raffle tickets from the 1970s shows printing and paper styles, the items deemed 'of value' for prizes, the monetary value of the prizes and the cost of tickets. The fact that none of them were winners also says something which hasn't changed - chances in lotteries!

As I've been out and about recently I've photographed a few birds. This first is hard to see - a cheeky upside down wattle bird getting nectar from the beautiful gum blossoms.
Galahs atop a pine tree at Mt Compass, where they or maybe corellas have stripped the top of the tree.
 Starlings one end, and corellas the other on trees at Aldinga
This time just corellas at Aldinga. These raucus birds were there in their hundreds for a few weeks and stripped the tree tops. The day after I took these photos they had move on
 A very friendly young magpie at Aldinga Beach Court - looking to where he should have been - outside.

And not a bird, but the Australian flag flying high in front of the Entertainment Centre on a fine autumn day
as seen from the Loose Caboose, a great little place to eat at Bowden in the old station building.

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