Saturday, March 19, 2016

a landscape and a lonely shoe

Two more lino cuts - a little landscape using different cuts and a two cut (for two colour) peacock. Both fun to do

Meanwhile a few photos from a little reserve at the bottom of our street -

 One only, so your guess is as good as mine...

The differents stages of the banksia flower

Flowers and fruit of a pomegranite - not sure whether it was ever planted, or is self sown, but it is quite large now with good size fruit.

From the garden - I think this takes the cake - or rather the cacti! I quite like having the blackbirds around, though they do make a mess of the pathways as they dig around the edges of the beds. I got quite a surprise yesterdaythough, when I found this pot...

which I had only planted the day before, with the contents gone, and the surface all scratched over. I suspect (or dare I say hope) the culprit bit off more than he could chew, because the contents were no where to be seen, and it was a couple of these small cacti 
 that I had planted in the pot!

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