Tuesday, March 8, 2016

a little mending in mad March

I can report some stitching this week, but it was of necessity, not anything creative or inspiring. I replaced a zip in a handbag for my daughter, though for the time it took I could have stitched a new bag! It is a carry all shoulder bag that she originally requested and designed some years ago for everyday use and travelling. I get to make a new one as they wear out. She left it with a soulful "Mum, can you fix this?" when she visited a couple of weeks back, so I thought I'd better have a go.

Apart from that I'm still busy with art and lino cutting classes. I am enjoying both without any particular projects in mind - just new techniques and posibilities for future work. These pictures show different types of cut, and a single colour print, a two colour print and a three layer print

Managed to eat out a couple of times during Rachel's visit (can highly recommend The Salpopian Inn at Mclaren Vale  salopian.com.au/    and Little nnq on Gouger Streert  www.nnq.com.au/littlennq/  ) and we spent some time at our splendid Monarto Zoo  www.monartozoo.com.au 

 the sentinel meerkat
 hungry chimps
 deer in the shade, seeming so delicate
 giraffes v the bus - seeing things in proportion

 white rhino and baby
 hyena in top condition
 and laid back lions after dinner

 Adelaide is very much alive at the moment - mad March we call it, but it begins in February (or you might even say January, with the Tour Down Under Cycling) as the city hosts The Fringe Festival, The Festival of Arts, Writers Week, WOMAdelaide, the Clipsal 500 race and possibly some I have forgotten. I'm going to WOMAD on Friday but won't get to much else.  I can report that I did see a race car on Friday - I had a dental appointment in the city and the track (which is on city streets) passed nearby. Through a break in the screening I got this shot - would make a good ad for the fencing people or Holden!
The folk on the balcony and this camera crew had a much better view though

 Saw this very effective CD curtain on North Terrace, but I was nearly past the reflective point when I got the photo

and the front of the Art Gallery looked splendid in the filtered sunlight. They do generally hang advertising banners on the front, but these seemed particularly bright and colourful.

The weather lately has been very hot and humid (for Adelaide) with some thundery showers. The blue skies and fluffy white clouds have been picture perfect

 The sunrise yesterday
 and rainbow in the opposite sky foretold some showers

From the garden, the birds have eaten the tomatoes (learning to take them at just colouring stage to beat me) but fortunately they've left the capsicums and eggplants! And this is a photo of heat stressed bay leaves - quite beautiful I think, with very interesting marking.

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