Sunday, March 13, 2016

a quick and easy art folio carrier and a superb singer

With the art classes I'm taking and my homework/practice I seem to have a growing pile of paper, sketching pads, pencils and charcoals etc so I thought I should find somewhere or something to keep them all together. A reusable carrybag I have been taking to classes isn't really big enough (and I'm not keen on advertising that telco anyway) so I decided to convert a small quilt into a bag. The quilt was a very early one, made in 1994. It spent many years on the wall, but has more recently been folded in the cupboard. So - I stitched a couple of pockets on the inside, folded it in half and stitched up the ends (sides). I attached a couple of recycled bag straps (from the 'that might be useful' collection) for handles, and there you have it, my rather flash art folio carrier -

I did this on Friday morning, and later that day set out to attend the opening night of WOMADelaide. The weather was perfect without any of the projected possible rain, and we entered Botanic Park to a raucous white cockatoo chorus from some hundreds of birds in the trees on Frome Road. They, fortunately, moved on or went to sleep by the time the performances started.
Just through the entrance gate was some more screeching and we looked up to see a large colony of bats flying high and settling into the treetops above some of the colourful flags.
There were lots of fabulous textiles in the global marketplace

and some colourful and creative decorative pieces in the trees including this
  and these dream catchers

Saw (or heard) several performances as we wandered around and I really enjoyed the New York band Hazmat Modine,  and The Spooky Mens Chorale from New South Wales. The event I particularly went to see was Angelique Kidjo performing with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. All I can say is brilliant. She is amazing and her voice incredible.
...and this just says where it was. I thought I did quite well with my point and click...
I'd like to have attended all weekend, though I doubt any performance could top that of Angelique Kidjo.

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