Sunday, September 22, 2013

pebbles on the beach and in the garden

I have been enjoying reading Michele Hill's blog about her William Morris tour. Nothing quite so exciting happening here though, just a lot of stitching. That's about all I am doing as I work on 2 quilts I have entered in the SA Festival of Quilts in November. I still have lots to do (no previews yet). The one taking most of my time is something original, and as usual, by the time I finish it I will have worked out the best way to do it! Secondly I'll be quilting the result of my workshop with Gina Burgess over 12 months ago. I am not starting that until I have finished the first one. So far my schedule is on track.

To ease the eyes I have been for a few walks that resulted, naturally in a few photos. Even on dull days there are many things to brighten the scene and/or give cause for thought.
The usually sandy beach
 At first I thought this gull was standing over another dead gull.
 Closer inspection revealed a cuttlefish backbone only partly shed/shucked/ released - I wonder what the correct term is?

Not sure who this large feather belonged to.
 Two views of a large, deep red shell shaped sponge


 A star fish leg?
 Beautiful and delicate pattern on this crab claw
and the unfortunate crab.

Last weekend I went to visit Mary Williams' excellent exhibition at Fullarton. What mastery of stitching! I think it is over now, otherwise I would be saying 'go'.
Mary had several works of fungi, and I thought of them again when I saw these a couple of days after.

They were growing in a car park garden bed near Woodcroft Library.
And speaking of garden beds, these are just around the corner from home

 This reminded me so much of one of my little Nature's carpets quilts
 And here, a real 'pot plant'. I am not sure if it was deliberate or abandoned, but it looked quite attractive in the pebbles in the garden.
 Finally, before I return to some quilting, some rich new growth on a pine tree.

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