Monday, October 14, 2013

update time

I managed to finish the last postcard on time last week, but realised I hadn't put up pictures of the last three. So here they are...
"The visitor" is stencilled (then over stitched).

 "The marigolds" are burnt - a Qantas tablemat. The 'well' burnt and hence fragile ones are under a layer of organza.
"The pathways" are images from magazines rubbed onto packing tape - a simple but quite amazing process

They have been fun to do. Like I find most quilting/textile projects, the hardest bit is the working out what to do. Some of the techniques require the work to be done in stages, but the overall time for a completed project is quite short. I am collecting them up from the other 4 ladies who shared the exercise, ready to display them in the SA Festival of Quilts in a couple of weeks. It is giving me a good chance to really study them all, and to see just how clever we all are!

Here are a couple of time out pictures - beautiful red bottlebrush flowers (callistemon) I spotted at McLaren Vale with a very busy bee in the centre.

 and our fish pond.
 A recent walk on the beach saw this unusual cloud formation
 and a fisherman's catch.
Not quite time out, but while gardening I took this not quite so pretty picture when we emptied the compost bin - a whole lot of obviously healthy and contented slugs! uugggh

I hope the compost gives us a fine crop of vegies too. The apple trees have blossomed, and we're getting a few seedlings in. I picked the first snow pea today from some we planted a couple of weeks ago.

...and in between I am busily finishing my 2 pieces for the exhibition. The schedule is on time, and helped by having a few days off.

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