Wednesday, October 31, 2012

dolphin cruise

I've been a bit slow getting out of the holiday mode (retirement is starting to look like a good ides!) and only done a little stitching. I have finished the last 2 postcards in our group challenge. Now I am collecting them all to display in the SA Festival of Quilts next week.

There are a number of sights and activities around Adelaide that I haven't ever done, or haven't for a long time, so I think I need to be a 'tourist at home' a bit more often. Before I returned to work we took a dolphin cruise on the Port River. It was a fine, picture perfect day, making for a great 2 hour trip that I 'd highly recommend.
  The old lighthouse
Two old tugs which now belong to the Maritime Museum. The Yelta takes tours and trips. I recall it being in Port Pirie sometimes when I grew up there.

 The Dolphin Explorer
 A seagull watching us. They are always so clean and white.
 Saw dolphins in several places - not close enough for good photos, but this at least shows they were there.
 One of the channel lights, and a sand bar that they protect against.
 Rarely seen baby seagulls
 The One and All sail training vessel was open for inspection
 Ropes, ropes and more ropes...

The temperature was only about 20, so it did get rather bracing on the top deck down at the channel entrance, and we retired to the next level then. Walking back to the car I thought these lovely window boxes gave these converted warehouses and a little European feel.

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