Sunday, October 7, 2012

sights and scenes - without the sound of horns

On a wall in our hotel
 The Ganges and the suspension bridge we walked over to 'get the feel of the daily crush of people coming into the city centre' from the Howra train station - felt like the population of Adelaide and Melbourne but were told it wasn't really busy, because it was Saturday! Weren't able to take photos in the station, but saw hundreds of beautiful saris there.
Giant water lilies in the Botanic Gardens
 Part of the giant banyan tree in the Gardens. The main tree trunk died in about 1925, but the branches and aerial roots (2500+) remain,

 and decorations on a bus window

Clay cups for chai tea sold on the street,
 and discarded afterwards. It is recycling - they aren't glazed so will break down!
The only traffic jam I saw was around the drive-in tea (and snacks like yummy butter naan) stores. We pulled in with the bus and had masala tea, handed in at the window.
Here is the pathway to the ferry!!!!
We took a ferry across the river to the train station, to walk back over the bridge. A shot from the ferry

A precious bundle for a ferry passenger

 Approaching the railway station
 Washing in the river (clothes and people)
 A few things that caught my eye

 A couple of the many book stalls near the university
 The book stalls early in the morning
 A 'snack lunch'
 Look closely, he has at least 7 bricks on his head and is adding more...
 From our hotel window at night
 An enticing array of fruit
 The bamboo flute seller
 Market trading at about 9 pm...
... and the morning after
 Decorated truck
 Washing the saris
 Fish for sale, and live chickens (dressed while you wait) under the pointy cover
 Cooking my breakfast dhosa in the hotel - quite delicious
Next time, some of the arts and crafts.

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