Monday, October 8, 2012

the flower market

Having grown cut flowers for about 8 years I was interested to hear we were going to see the Kolkata flower market. A lirttle different to what I imagined! This is the first glimpse, coming off the bridge, with what looked like the remains of yesterday's market in the lower right hand corner.
It was very busy and colourful, with masses and masses of strung marigolds in yellow and orange.

 A lot were in the open, a lot in little stalls in narrow alleyways
Some greenery too, and then a few varieties like roses, gerberas, chrysanthemums and carnations.
There were fresh carnations (like we grew) in the hotel each day in some lovely arrangements, but I only saw a few in the market. They may have been sold before we arrived or the hotel might have some other direct source.
Most of the flowers were carried in from the railway station and across the bridge in big bags/bundles like in the second picture. Many of them would have gone back that way too, when sold. The marigold strings seemed to have been made elsewhere and brought in, but there were many (mostly young men) making the more elaborate chains or garlands.

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