Saturday, October 6, 2012

moving goods and people

The streets of Kolkata are very busy with cars, trucks, motor bikes, tuk tuks, rickshaws and bicycles, the latter usually modified as carts. Much honking of horns (even when the signs proclaim a horn free area) and nudging your way in.

Howdahs and trucks are usually highly decorated. Pedestrians make their way through/around the vehicles whenever the traffic stops. The taxis are yellow.

Many of the vehicles show scratches from the odd bump - saw this a couple of times, but generally  the speed limit of 35kpm seems to be a good thing in this regard. Wondered why the second fellow in the driver's cabin on our small bus, and found he made hand signals and checked the space (often only 2 inches) on the driver's off side.
Decorated horse drawn carts for weddings and celebrations or tourist and pleasure rides
 Washing and repairs take place on the street
Anything you might think of is transported on heads, poles or bicycle carts.

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