Tuesday, October 16, 2012

flowers, produce and more

Our hotel at Wangdu was another Kichu Resort - by a river again, but this time a raging torrent right beside our rooms. With the doors and windows open for the lovely fresh air, it was hard to sleep with the sound of rushing water.
 and some of the lovely staff. These tiny girls hauled our luggage, sometimes 2 bags at a time!

Some of the flowers...
 ... and this one with a beautiful butterfly

  Some scenes from the regular Thimpu produce market...

 Baskets to carry the produce...

and the plastic ones to buy

 peeling the garlic
  plenty of peppers

Produce for sale at roadside stalls...
 the white is a very hard, dry cheese
 the apples looked like red and yellow delicious
This was a large stall. Many folk sit beside the road with just a few things to sell.

Going over the mountain pass to get to and from Wangdu, the road was barely wide enough for the 2 lanes. Overtaking was ... well interesting is one way to describe it! Much horn blowing and a good bit of luck.
Having been told of the frequency of landslides and falling trees I wasn't too thrilled to be sitting behind these, but we weren't for too long
View from the top
 Memorials at the top
Near the top - a great place to catch the wind
Had lunch at this restaurant at the top - an easy park the first day.
On the second day we asked the bus driver to get the bus out (the second one) before we got in.Of course he did it in one manoeuvre.
Rice fields
You see people walking in the most unlikely places - these are school children who have been dropped on the side of the hill - and there is one of those plastic baskets
 The farmers use their rotary hoe/digger/mowers as vehicles, usually pulling trailers
 The road workers stop for lunch

Archery is the national sport - their only Olympian is a medal winning archer. We watched part of a tournament between some of the best. It would go from 8 am until about 5 pm. The field is 130 metres long,. The target is quite small. Some of the team stand at the target end. When there is a score the team does a little dance and chant of encouragement - at both ends.

 the chant at the shooting end
...and at the target end
 the size of the target
After all in the teams have fired four (I think) arrows from one end, they shoot from the other end, and the spectators sit only about 4 metres to the side. The best score at the end of the day wins.

Some more tomorrow, and that might be the end.

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